Our use of cookies and similar technologies

HUB.News services use cookies and similar technologies, such as pixels and local storage, to provide you with a better, faster, and safer experience and to operate our business. HUB.News services include, but are not limited to, our websites, applications, APIs, buttons, widgets, pixels, email communications, and any other service that links here.

For example, HUB.News services use these technologies to:

Keep you logged into HUB.News;
Save and honor your preferences;
Personalize the content you see;
Understand how you interact with our services;
Measure the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing;
Assess how our services perform;
Protect against spam and abuse and
Show you more relevant ads.
These technologies may be provided by HUB.News or a third party. Below we explain how HUB.News, our partners, and other third parties use these technologies on HUB.News services, as well as how you can use your privacy settings and other options to control cookies and the use of cookie data.

What are cookies, pixels, and local storage?
Cookies are small files placed on your computer as you browse the web or use a web-enabled app. HUB.News services use cookies in a number of ways, including to operate our services, to discover how people are using our services, and to make them work better.

A pixel is a small amount of code , which can be placed on a web page, in a web-enabled app, or in an email. As many services do, HUB.News and our advertisers use pixels to learn whether you’ve interacted with certain web or email content. This helps us measure and improve our services and personalize your experience including the ads and content you see.

Local storage is used to store information locally on your computer or mobile device. HUB.News services use local storage to turn on web navigation, maintain video player preferences, customize what we show you based on your past interactions with our services, remember your preferences, and to measure the ad effectiveness.